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NOTA NOTA is the gate to beauty and wonders that connect creators and designers from all around the world and enable them to design their perfumes and share them with the universe. NOTA NOTA is a new concept of mixing perfumes, a concept that would be part of your daily routine side by side with your coffee machine, So you prepare your perfume before you go out and wear unique perfume for every day, night, mood and event. NOTA NOTA won iF Design Award for 2018.


Each one of us has his personal touch that he is proud of. You might express it by art, article or style. Today NOTA NOTA added a new way to express yourself by designing and sharing your unique perfume.

Perfume for each occasion

Perfume reflects your identity

Share your perfumes with others

Design your own perfumes


NOTA NOTA APP is the tool you use to control the machine. You also will use the App to design perufmes, and then give the machine order to produce it. But this is not all, the App will be your key to NOTA NOTA social network which is ritch of perfume designs that will be ready for you to prepear and wear.


Your NOTA NOTA machine is ready and will be delivered to you within a maximum of five working days. We are looking for the day you design your NOTA which reflects your personal touch.

available at

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

London - United Kingdom

more to come

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